© 2013 Celina Jennings


Celina Jennings is a creative person with a vision to produce interesting content.  

Having trained in the feature film industry Celina's cinematic skills are applied to your productions.  


With the use of technology, engaging high quality content is created to delivery your ideas to your audiences.  


Whether it be still or moving images the goal is to convey a sensation of feeling and create an atmosphere that captures your viewers.  


The mission is to always tell a story, your story using visual storytelling tools and your ideas.  

Having worked as a lighting/camera operator and technician on many big productions including 3D feature films, 3D documentaries and live events, Celina Jennings's vast experience is applied to every job.  


With diverse editing skills there are endless options for the final cut of your story.

With a  passion to create interesting visual content and always seeking a challenge to get to the next level Celina Jennings works hard to produce the best for you.